From: Mark Holliday <>
Subject: Re: October #3 GTS Internet Update
Hi Denis, You could mention that airmaze filters might be available thru B&B Aircraft Supplies in Kansas 913-884-5930. I bought a few from Dan a couple years ago . He had both the small and the larger ones for the 145 heat box as I recall. -- Mark

From: Steve Wilson <>
Subject: Re: October #3 GTS Internet Update
A-Mazing... Here is my take on air filters. The original Air-Maze filters are at least 60 year old technology. They work fine and there is no reason not to use them, but there has been some advancement in filter media in the past 60 years. While the Bracket filters are modern technology, they are restrictive. If you want REALLY clean air (which you would never get with a NEW Air-Maze anyway), then maybe the Bracket is for you. If you talk to Mike Williams he will tell you that you lose 1" manifold pressure at full throttle with the Bracket, so you decide. I prefer the Cessna paper filters. I look at it this way... Iffn you are gonna use a C-170 carb air box, you might as well use the proper filter for it since neither are approved on the Swift anyhow (without a field approval). They do require adherence to AD 84-26-02, which requires a 100 hour inspection and a 500 hour replacement. 500 hours is about the limit for any paper filter anyhow, so that ain't bad! They are not restrictive and they are a good compromise when it comes to clean air. They come new with the required gaskets. The part number for the C-170 filter is P10-7172 (formerly C294510-301). The last one I bought was in 1997, and the price of $52 sticks in my mind. Good luck... Steve W

From: Wesley & Susan Knettle <>
Subject: Re: October #4 GTS Internet Update
I believe if you check the filter element you get from Cessna for the 170 it will not be paper. It is a flocked element based on a wire screen support. It is also washable (paper is not washable). AD 84-26-02 ONLY applies to PAPER filters. -- Wes Knettle

AIR FILTERS...(020401)
From: Bud England <>
Jim: Seems that I remember you writing the definitive article on air filters etc. for the 145. About the different filters, heat boxes, ram air and so forth. Do you or Denis still have a copy? I'll print it and save it this time.

The heat box to use is a p/n 530852 which was used on the Cessna 170's and early 172's. The original air filter was a 627357 I believe, but later on Cessna came out with a paper filter that was much superior. The paper filter does have an AD note requiring it to be replaced every 500 hours, which is reasonable. The most popular filter these days is a Brackett. The Brackett does the best job of filtering air, but I don't like it! The foam element will present a slight loss of manifold pressure and I don't like anything that costs power!Also see Steve Roth's note on Yahoo re: Air Maze filters. -- Jim

Texas Swifter Ed Lloyd <> tells us that Axis Aero offers air filter products applicable to the Swift. Their latest item is an induction air filter for the Continental IO-360 engine. Ed says... "I am running a K&N induction filter on my engine and I really like it." For more info visit the Axis Aero site or contact Ed for a first hand testimonial.

From: Steve Roth <>
Subject: Challenger Air Filters
I had a hard time getting Airmaze air filters. The new K&N Challenger filters are better than the Airmaze and look less restrictive, especially less restrictive than the Brackett filters. They are reusable, FAA/PMA and a direct replacement for the common filters. K&N filters used on just about everything now. I got one for my 145HP Swift. Cost about $80.00 then there is one time cost for cleaner and grease ($10.00 each).
Customer Don Shields talks about his Cessna 172 Challenger air filter: "I just had to test my Brackett filter against the Challenger filter and found that I climb about 100 feet per minute faster and burn less gas. My total fuel burn with the Brackett was 6.8 gallons per hour. The Challenger filter dropped that to 6.5 gallons per hour. I fly about 150 hours a year and K&N will save me 45 gallons of gas." Thought you might want to know. Streve Roth (

I guess I really don't like Brackett Air Filters for several reasons. One, they are restrictive Two, it says in the Instructions for Continuous Airworthiness for the STC that the Element MUST be changed annually. When I do an Annual, the typical owner says "but I only flew ___ number hours last year". Even if you flew ONE hour the Element MUST still be changed! Three, many Brackett Air Filters are installed without a 337. They are a Major Alteration and require a 337. I have made out dozens of 337 forms for Bracketts (and charged the owners) I won't relicense the airplane otherwise. -- Jim

From: Denny Moore <>
Subject: Can you help
I am researching to beat the band to find where I read about a Swift air filter. It must have been in your news letter. I have saved in a file every news letter and cannot find this info anywhere?? Someone wrote a in about using a K & N air with an adapter on their 210 Swift. Do you remember such an article? Denny Moore

Yo's the web address for K&N When the site comes up click on UNIVERSAL and then on 'round tapered'. I chose the round tapered, 20 degree angled filter for my application due to cowl clearance. With the 20 degree offset angle it gives you a lot of lattitude in positioning the filter for cowl clearance. The part # of the filter I use is RX-3800. I got one of their "cleaning and oiling kits" and intend to do that on annual each year. Cheers.......Ed Lloyd