Swift Carburetor Air Box

"PLIOBOND"??? (080100)
Subj: Carb Air Box and #&*%(! Pliobond
From: Richard Aaron <>
Jim, The air box attached to the bottom of my carburetor has a tube extending downward through the bottom of the cowl (C125-2). However, because the bottom rear of the tube is cut off at a 45º angle and it isn't long enough for the cut portion to be entirely below the cowl, I can't make a good seal. I want to extend the tube about 2" in order to make a better seal. I can't see why this should cause any problem but thought that I'd ask for the record. Also, I need to replace the weather-stripping for the hatch, etc. Do you know of a good solvent for Pliobond?

You can clamp a piece of tubing the appropriate length on your existing dump tube. I would suggest a rivet or two under the clamp to provide a more positive retention of the tube. I have a piece of aluminum tubing on my Swift. This tube does not exist on some C-170 heat boxes, (and others) and is important to get heat out of the cowl. Sorry, I don't know anything about Pliobond. -- Jim

MEK vs PLIOBOND... (080200)
From: Phil Howell <>
Subject: Re: August #1 GTS Internet Update
Hi Denis:
Ref. solvent for Pliobond. MEK is what you need (building supply store). Use with caution, it will melt many things. Phil Howell N3313K