Swift Airframe - Airspeed Indicator

From: Jerry Swartz (JSw7211963)
Subject: Airspeed
My airspeed indicator has speed readings up to 180 mph in 20 mph increments, so I guess it goes up to l90 at the top of the arc. Anyway, it is not marked for flap speed, green, yellow and red. Where could I come up with a certified and correctly marked indicator, (the markings being under the glass), that reads only in mph, (NO KNOTS)???? Finally got to fly yesterday, but not for long. It was very gusty with a 90 degree x wind, along without 20 ft. Wide runway, made the sweat really start to roll. Got it down O.K., luckily, so decided enough was enough and put it away for the rest of the day. Was sure fun while it lasted though. Anyway the airspeed was bouncing around in 20 mph increments the whole time, especially over the trees when ready to land. Have had this happen before when extremely gusty and in rough air in other aircraft, but this is the first time with this one. So now of course am getting paranoid and wondering if I've got a problem with the indicator. Even if I don't have a problem, would like to get ahold of a correctly marked one. -- Jerry S.

180 is no good for a Swift, it should be red lined at 185 and, extend to 220. The maneuvering speed is 140 (yellow arc) The flap speed is 90. Don't you have the "operations limitations" in your airplane? All these numbers are on the original T/C. (It's on the Swift Home Page) You will have to have a shop make one up for you, print the T/C and give it to them for the numbers. In rough air what you experienced may have been normal. See how it appears in smooth air.  --  Jim