From: Yves Starreveld <>
Hi, All,
would like to install landing lights, to be able to carry a passenger after dusk. Does anyone have drawings detailing their installation in the wheel wells? Thanks in advance... Yves

Joe Ranson at Swift has most of the necessary parts to make up the original Temco wing mounted landing lights. He and I were talking about them at the "Natl" last month. They are expensive and require some work, but there is legit paperwork to go with them. -- Steve Wilson <>

The "Coda" landing lights in the wheelwells are the best, but I have no idea where you might find some. Aircraft Spruce has a kit for $66.75 that might be adapted, again I don't know about the approval. -- Jim

LANDING LIGHTS... (010300)
Subject: Re: Swift speed
From: Steve Wetherbee <>
Do you know of anyone who could supply a sketch of landing light installation in gear wells and components used?

A Swift I used to own had the "Coda" wheel well lights. The present owner, Jon Breese, Omaha, NE, is sending me some drawings, I'll send along copies when I get 'em. -- Jim

From:  Steve Roth
I have the factory landing lights that mount in the corners of the wheel wells and are "cross eyed". The lamps are 4.5 inches in diameter (PAR 36). There are several lamps that would fit the size and voltage -- GE 4313 (250 watts), GE 4509 (100 Watts), and GE 4595 (100 Watts). I can't see any markings on the lamps, anybody know which the right ones are? Steve Roth

Steve, They originally came with GE-4509 and that is what I use, although it probably does not matter much. One nice thing is that they can be purchased at NAPA or Farm and Fleet at quite a savings over "aviation" prices. Good luck... Steve Wilson

Thanks Steve. I suppose if I want to raise the wattage to 200 watt lamps, I'd have to calculate wire diameter and breaker amps. Determining wire diameter is sometimes not easy because some of my wire has been spliced old/new.Guess I will go with the GE-4509's. Are your lamps "cross-eyed"? Focal point seems to be not far ahead of ship - perhaps 10 feet? Guess some thought went into that -- I would figure a more forward facing lamp would show runway better at night. I have not yet done night landings as PIC. Been waiting unti my daytime landing ability improved. I am ready to try it now. One of the old/new wire splices (butt splice) drove me crazy last week. Left gear green light would not come on (my ship is modified to have L & R lights) so I tried microswitches, adjustments, suspect bad lamp socket, bad bulb, etc. It worked up on jacks but quite working when on ground. Turned out that a butt splice between new/old wire was poorly crimped. It was physically together but electrically intermittent. Frustrating three hours! I hate butt splices - prefer solder/shrink tubing. Thanks for the help. Steve Roth

From:  Bill Doty
On the subject of landing lights.I have seperate switches for left and right light. Someone suggested they might be focused differant. One for landing and the other for taxi light. Any comments on the two switch set-up.. Bill Doty

Bill, On N77753, there is only one light in the left wheel well. It is more psychological than of any real help landing. It is a little help in taxiing, but not great. The leading edge lights are really the best. Joe had most of the parts for them in stock the last time I was in Athens. I think with a little help someone could make up a set, BUT it is a little more work than I want to tackle with the limited night flying I do anyhow. With all the new electronic gadgets, still the weakest link in electronics are the connectors. Always have been, and I suppose always will be. I got instructions one time with some electronic gizmo that said, "No ground, no workie; poor ground, still no workie!" That's become kinda my motto when working with electronics... Steve Wilson

I find that using the knife disconnect type terminals work best. They make a good connection, easily come apart when you want them to and with shrink tubing around them, don't come apart when you don't want them to. Butt splice crimps and soldering are too permanent for wires that may sometime have to come apart. Bob Runge

I guess I need to experiment with what I have (two lights in wheel wells that are "cross eyed") then determine if they could be refocused or divided into landing/taxi. Appreciate the discussion. Steve Roth

Early on, I considered the leading edge ligfhts but the more I looked at my Swift and others the more reluctant I was to cut into the wing to do it. I had the same on my '59 C-172 and they indeed worked great (when adjusted properly). I'll work with what I have then make another decision. I don't expect to fly at night, unless I get caught out somewhere.; You are right, it IS psychological. Thanks for the help. Steve Roth

On N2334B I had the "Coda" wheel well mounted landing lights. These are ajustable thru a wide range, and if they are "crosseyed" they are way out of ajustment. I had mine set up so one was focused for taxi, and the other to illuminate the runway on short final. I always thought they were just about perfect and gave as good a view as any airplane I've been in. Jim Montague

Monty: I was told that I have "original", factory installed landing lights. One never knows what is/was original. Since I had no details on the "Coda" lights, I thought I had Coda lights. Guess I don't. Next time I can look at other Swifts I'll check out what is "original". I have not seen any in any of the on-line photos. Each mounts in the outside aft corner of each wheel well on a bracket. Each light points inward, probably focusing about 10-20 ft in front of the ship (I have never tested them for focus point). There is no way to adjust the lights except to change the mounting brackets. Steve Roth

I beleive I have original "CODA" lights also. Not mounted in the plane but appear to have adjustability. With the two switches I plan to use one light at a time to reduce electrical load.Any problem with this idea? Bill Doty

I'll have to do some research on what CODA lights are. I have come to the conclusion that my lights are just "add ons". My lights are not adjustable. Assuming you have at least a 35 Amp generator, load should not be an issue (as long as your engine is above 1100 RPM or so). If you have a generator, reduce the load at low RPM (like when you taxi around an airport with lights on) to reduce battery drain. In that regard, individual switched lights perhaps good idea. If you have an alternator, load and RPM should not be a factor. Steve Roth

No problem at all with 2 switches, Bill, as a matter of fact the original installation drawing calls for 2 switches. Sorry, I don't have one anymore. Jim Montague

Subj: Paperwork for Landing Lights
From: Bob Price <>
In regards to the landing lights installation in the wheel well.... is a field approval required? What about the installation of an overhead light in the cockpit? I hope all is well with you.........warmest regards..... Bob Price N3361K PS: Have owned 3361K for a year. The annual was done this October (2 days by Aero Engines/Maint in Winchester VA along with me... 61K is in excellent condition all around.... Have over 40 TO and Landings and over 40 hours logged..... looking forward to another year...... getting near the big "70" and find myself in meetings with my mind on the Swift with thoughts of flying through the mountains and valleys of Va... need to retire......... Only if you have owned and flown a Swift could you appreciate the "love affair" we enjoy!

If you would have the original Coda kit, it would be log entry only. Since I don't believe there are any original Coda kits out there to be 100% legal you should sketch what you want to do and get a field approval. Do you know an experienced mechanic who can help you on this? An overhead light in the cockpit is a minor alteration. Just run a hot wire from a circuit breaker up to a light. --Jim

Subj: Landing Lights
From: Bill Babb <>
Jim: N3833K has factory installed landing lights in the leading edge of the wings. What wattage should they be. Should they both be the same wattage? Should either one or both be used for taxing? I know they get very hot without airflow across the wing, to the point that I don't turn them on except when in the air. Also, are both set in with the same angle? I'm finally on the downhill side of installing the Franklin. All the tough decisions are made and the major cost items accounted for. I have the cowl refitted and all I need to do is finish the panel, wire it and install. Sounds quick, but the way I work, I fuss over it, write it down, fuss some more, write that down, then proceed to do it, and figure out a better way when I'm done. I am hoping to make Westover this year. Also, do you know where I can get Swift logo artwork? Bill Babb

The leading edge landing lights are GE 4509 - 100 watt sealed beams. I usually had one aimed up a little and one aimed down a little for taxiing. When I used to fly a lot at night I got tired of changing bulbs and bought a 50 watt bulb at a farm supply store that was interchangeable physically and was cheaper and lasted longer. The bulbs do last longer if you mainly use them in flight and sparingly on the ground. I presume you want Temco artwork. Just trace the pattern of a Temco at some fly-in. I don't know of a source for the original bird decal. -- Jim