Subject: Re: general info 781X
From: Don Cumpston <>
Hi Monty, I was thinking about changing my tail number back to the original but can't remember where I read how to go about it. The short tail number is nice but most controllers call back for a full number thinking that you are only giving them the last part of your number. My logs indicate that my plane started out as NC78320 and had its first test flight at the factory on March 23 1948. Are there any NC type numbers anymore or have they dropped the C? Does the removal make of the vac venturi make enough of a difference in performance to make it worth while? Thanks Don Cumpston

Call the FAA at 405-954-3011 and ask for N78320. I looked it up, and apparently it has not been reissued. The "C' is not required any more but it can be painted on the airplane if you like. Removal of the venturi won't be too noticeable all by itself, but it can't hurt! Every little bit of added weight and drag detracts from performance, and every little bit subtracted adds to performance! -- Jim

STEVE'S WILSON ANSWERS BUD'S QUESTION ABOUT "N" NUMBERS (and only uses "iffn" one time)...  (070500)
Subject: Re: N numbers
From: Bud England <>
You were kind enough to send me the proper way to obtain my old N number from a wrecked plane. Naturally, I managed to lose it during our move. Can I impose on you again? Sources tell me that you've got your plane here. Where are you? Bud

If the registration number is available you can reserve it by requesting it be put on reserve for $10/yr with FAA Aircraft Registration, OKC. All it requires is a letter with a check. If (at that time or later) you want it assigned to a specific airplane then they will authorize it when you supply the needed info on that airplane (for free). Now, iffn the number is still assigned to a nonexistent (wrecked) airplane, you will have to get the present registered owner to release the registration "number" to the FAA. They can do that with a letter to FAA Aircraft Registration concurrently with your request to put it on reserve. I have seen cases where someone held a registration number on reserve and made an arrangement to transfer it to another party (usually for a fee). I hope this helps. -- Steve W

ORIGINAL "NC" NUMBER... (080201)
Subject: Re: FW: Original Swift Numbers
From: Ray Bossola <>
I'm getting ready to put the large N numbers(NC?) on my wings of 3272K and would like to make sure they are the original size(huge) and type. Do you know what the original dimensions were back in 1946. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Ray Bossola

I believe they were 18" tall -- I will measure mine when I go to the airport tomorrow. Look at old photographs to see where the numbers were located. BTW - the 46's had "NC" all later airplanes, like my 1950 Temco just had an "N". -- Jim