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125/145/O-300 SPINNER... (7299)
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I am about to get a new spinner but need to know the diameter of the bushings on the crank flange. Anybody know what the diameter is? I have been looking for a spinner which has a larger diameter than the BN-1 I am using. Thanks, Steve Roth N2397B

The C-125, C-145 and O-300A and B use the same spinner. It uses 8ea. 3/8" prop bolts in an SAE No.3 flange. The OD of the bushings is about 17/32", which is the size of the holes in the back plate. Having said that, why don't you get the right spinner, which will be pre-drilled and will align perfectly. Univair has them, their old part number was UA-5609, which may have been changed, it's the same spinner as a C-170B. I think Steve Wilson bought one recently and it was around $300. I found Univair's site ( They list a Swift spinner, S -1b, for $451.33 ask about the C-170 spinner also. -- Jim

Subject: Re: Spinner

The one Mark Holiday and Charlie Hoover adapted for a GC-1A with a McCauley is a Stits BN-1 (I think) You had to cut that one out yourself. The GC-1A' s originally had no spinner, they were all Aeromatic or Beech-Roby props. -- Jim

Subj: Spinners
From: Paul Smith <>
I am trying to find a spinner. I have a c-125 on my Swift. I have been told that a Cessna 170 will fit it, but it seems that the Cessna 170, 172 series had a lot of different spinners. Do you know the model number that fits on a swift. I have the Sensenitch prop on it. Thanks, Paul Smith
BTW progress continues, I have the paint completely stripped. The gear cycles fine, I have the engine cowled. Next step is to spray the wings (inside) with corrosionX and put them back on the plane.

The correct spinner can be obtained from Univair. Their p/n is S-1b. The Cessna p/n is AK7053-3. The Univair price is high enough, you don't even wanna know the Cessna price! If you can find a used one, it is the same as a C-170B or early 172 with the 8 bolt crankshaft. -- Jim

125HP SWIFT SPINNER...(060102)
Subj: Spinner for 125 HP Swift
From: Bob Snider <>
I have a used spinner and back plate for a Cont. 125-2, eight bolt crank but I had a McCauley prop on N78071 b/4 installing a O-300-D. I don't know if the cut out for the prop is the same as a Sensenich. At any rate it is for sale but I don't have any idea what a fair price would be. If you are interested, my name is Bob Snider and my phone number is 205-979-9503. My home is in Birmingham, Al. Bob Snider

The shape of the cutout is smaller for the Sensenich - but that's OK, it still works fine. Monty