From Swifter DON DUKE, Ohio. 6JAN97
I have preheated my 0-360 a couple of times this winter thus far using a simple 1200W hairdryer. I placed the dryer up through the cowl flap, and set it against the exhaust manifold. I found that continuous recirculation of air within the cowl back through the dryer results in a very warm environment that develops rapidly. My Electronics Inc. 'Smart Scanner' shows oil temp increases of approximately 6 degrees every 15 minutes. Inside cowl temp rises to 85+ degrees when outside air temp is around freezing. I was suspicous that I might only be warming the sending probe or lines, but close monitoring of oil temp after start up revealed no 'after drop' as oil begins to circulate. This may not be the most efficient way to get the job done, but it sure is easy.

From Swifter HORST BRINKER, New Mexico. 7JAN97
I read about preheating with a hair dryer. Living here in Las Cruces, I've found that it gets just cold enough to make the starting hard because the fuel won't vaporize in the cylinders. ( At least I think that's the trouble). On those frosty 32 degree mornings, I'll soak a stack of news papers in the sink for about 20 minutes. Then I'll put a stack about 3 inches thick into one of those grocery store plastic bags. Next I nuke it in the microwave until it gets nice and steamy. Usually about 5 minutes at 3/4 power. I'll make 2 packs like that and carry them to the airport in a cooler. I pop them on top of my cylinders while I preflight. When I'm ready to fly, the plane starts much more easily. I don't have electricity in my hangar.

Subj: Preheaters
From: Bob Reiff <>
Hello Monty, From your archive:
<"Jerry, The best engine preheater is a Tanis. They make one tailored for the O-300. Sorry, I don't remember the price, but its fairly expensive. ">
Our growth rate of over 50% per year indicates to me that many folks disagree with your opinion (including Aviation Consumer). Tanis does make a very good system, but ours has several advantages and is not nearly as expensive. Could be you are not aware of our HotBandd system on the market since 1996. . We've been running a 1/3 pg ad in Trade-A-Plane and AOPA Pilot since 1996. There are 2 or 3 magazine reviews on our web site. Cirrus and Aviat have our system on their options list. See our web site for more info. Regards, Bob Reiff, Reiff Preheat Systems, ( )

No I was not aware of your system. I'm sure it's a good one. Perhaps Denis will publish your letter and some of the Swift guys will try it and give me a report. -- Jim

Subj: Tanis heater
From: Paul Barger <>
In cold weather climates is it permissible to leave a Lyc IO-360 plugged in for extended periods of time?? I have heard moisture can be a problem others think it's perfectly acceptable. Any thoughts?? Paul Barger N3729K

If you leave it plugged in all the time you will definitely get condensation in the engine and accelerated wear. The EAA in their Vintage Airplane magazine has just had articles on this. -- Jim