Swift Photos By Serial Number

Jim Montague with N2460B, the last Swift built.

Many Swift serial numbers are unaccounted for. 
Any additions, updates, or corrections would be appreciated!

I would like to add photos of each plane over the years.
I will post several pictures for each plane. It would
be nice to have several views of the plane. Please
include the date photo was taken, so we can see
the changes over the years.

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Links to Photos By Serial Number

Globe Swift GC-1A

Serial Number
1 - 409

Globe Swift GC-1B

Serial Number
1001 - 1504, 1527
and 3501 - 3599

Temco Built Globe
Swift GC-1B

Serial Number
2001 - 2329

Temco Swift GC-1B

Serial Number
3600 - 3760



There were 409 GC-1A serial numbers; s/n 1 was not a Swift as we know it, so count ...408. The Globe GC-1B's start at s/n 1001 and go to s/n 1504, which counts 504 aircraft, but s/n 1004 was a converted GC-1A and has already been counted, so subtract one. But looking a little further along you see s/n 1527, so add one. Total count for this series ...504. The Temco built 1946 Swifts total 329 serial numbers, but s/.n 2001 was a converted GC-1A so subtract 1 from 329. Total count here...328. The Temco airplanes from s/n 3501 to 3760 total 260. s/n 3531 was evidently converted from s/n 28 so subtract one from 260. Total count here...259.